Our Technology Partnerships Program

Make a dynamic impact. Strengthen your brand while transforming education. Fuel collaborative innovation worldwide.

Hundreds of Technology Partners—from Content Providers and Media & Technology Companies to System Integrators & More—Help Blackboard Clients Around the Globe Build a Better Education Experience.

Through the Blackboard Partnerships™ programme, we’ll work with you to engage more learners, increase safety and convenience, take education mobile and inspire improved outcomes. Whether you’re a content provider or have a technology solution, our education and business partnerships can give you a solid platform for success.

Flexible Options That Further Your Business Objectives

Working with our experienced partnership team, you can customise an approach that's designed around your specific goals, such as expanding your customer base, increasing adoption, or reducing your cost of delivering full digital solutions. We believe in technology as a partner in learning, and as a platform to grow your business.

Partnership Programme Levels & Benefits

Choose from one of our three partnership levels—Member, Signature and Premier—each designed to make a significant impact on learning and on your business goals.

Why Blackboard?

  • We’ve Been Doing This for a Long Time.

    Blackboard is well-known as an enterprise technology company, but our best-held secret is that we’ve been in the content business for a long time as well. Blackboard has partnered with content providers since 2001 to white label some of the most broadly used eLearning systems available. Blackboard remains committed to delivering access to the broadest choice of commercial content within a learning management system in a simple and cost-effective way.

  • We Meet Customer Expectations.

    Our customers want simple, intuitive workflows to find and interact with digital content in their learning environments. With our new Partner Cloud, we deliver all new content partner integrations through cloud-based technology, and they are available via a single building block, the Partner Cloud Building Block. This not only decreases effort on the part of the system administrator, but also provides workflow consistency for instructors and students. Additionally, it allows our partners to more easily build and distribute your solutions to both our Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Open LMS customers.

  • We Focus on Your Goals, Not Ours.

    From course cartridges to white-label solutions, Blackboard provides partners with the options and flexibility they need to execute their digital growth strategy. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, nor should our content partners.

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