Blackboard Digital Teaching & Learning Series

Prepare your academic staff to deliver high quality teaching and learning with technology. Get certified by Blackboard.

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Blackboard Digital Teaching & Learning Series

Today’s learners have high expectations for their academic experience. They desire a high quality, engaging teaching and learning experience—an experience that is modern, flexible, and prepares them for success. And with technology playing a large part of their everyday lives, students expect their learning journey to be enhanced by technology.

This means that institutions and academic staff must be prepared with the right skills and competencies to effectively use technology in their teaching and learning approach.

This is why we offer the Blackboard Digital Teaching and Learning Certification Series.

Universidad de San Sebastián's Carol Hewstone, Monica Molina, Sary Avanti and Angela Valverde.

Empowering Educators Through Online Learning Best Practices & Pedagogy

Universidad de San Sebastián in Chile became one of the first centers of excellence worldwide and the first in Latin America certified by Blackboard to deliver the Blackboard Digital Teaching and Learning Series. “This program showed us the wide array of tools available for us in an online learning environment; the avenues and multiple alternatives technology provides is truly fascinating.” - Carol Hewstone, certified Digital Teaching and Learning Series professor.

LEARN MORERead more on how Universidad de San Sebastián became a center of excellence.

Setting the Standard for Quality, Teaching Excellence & a Better Student Experience

Blackboard’s Digital Teaching and Learning Series enables you to establish a standard of excellence for delivering teaching and learning online.
It provides best-in-class training and certification to your academic staff.

Blackboard’s certification programme can help your institution to promote:

Certification Programme

The Digital Teaching and Learning Series is comprised of a three-course flexible delivery training program. Each course builds on the previous course and culminates in an exam. After successful completion of the course and examination, your faculty are awarded a certificate and designation certifying their skills and competencies.

The training is flexible enough to accommodate people with different levels of knowledge. Participants can enter the programme at different levels and can secure recognition for their existing skills through successful completion of the relevant certification exam. Faculty who successfully complete all three courses are awarded the designation of certified expert.

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Course A

Fundamentals in Digital Teaching & Learning

A foundational course that covers introduction to eLearning, common practices in delivering online instruction

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Course B

Designing for Digital Teaching & Learning

Provides practical application of digital teaching and learning concepts in a virtual learning environment that is powered by Blackboard or Blackboard Open LMS

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Course C

Excellence in Digital Teaching & Learning

Advanced methodologies in teaching and learning, including course design, optimising technology for student engagement, and teaching to a standard of excellence

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World-Class Training, Designed & Delivered by Learning Experts

An Expert in Learning Design
Blackboard is the global leader in online learning. We are the largest and most experienced education technology company in the world, with more than 19,000 clients across higher education, corporate, government and K-12 institutions. With our deep expertise in the role of technology on learning, combined with our insights on pedagogy and how people learn, we have designed and developed the course materials and content to ensure that your academic staff are best positioned to help their learners succeed. Blackboard is a trusted brand to students—aside from Google, we are the number 1 website that students can’t live without. And we’re a trusted partner to institutions too—80% of the world’s leading institutions work with Blackboard technologies.

Experts in Training Delivery
We work with local partners across the globe who are experienced in delivering technology-based training. These professionals will deliver these courses, in state of the art training facilities. For more information on a training course in your region, use the link below to contact us.

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