Blackboard Open LMS™

Get one of the best SaaS-based learning platforms out there with no hassle

Blackboard Open LMS™ provides a strong, open source foundation for competency-based blended, online and professional learning to drive institutional and organizational effectiveness


Introducing Blackboard Open LMS

A New Name for our Moodle-Based SaaS Open-Source Learning Management System

Making Open Source Easier Than Ever

Leading in innovation in creating optimized, organic and customizable educational experiences.

Over 1,400 Clients & 4 Million Active Users & a Range of Benefits

  • SaaS Service Support

    24/7, high availability and expert consulting, 99.9% guaranteed availability and performance.

  • Training & Support Plans

    We have various training options to accommodate different learning styles.

  • Predictive Analytics

    IntelliBoard is a real-time learning analytics platform that provides 120+ reports to slice and dice your data the way you need to see it.

  • Integrations with Blackboard Solutions

    We provide greater teaching and learning experiences through Blackboard’s leading solutions.

  • User Experience

    Multiplatform, customizable, intuitive, and focused on users.

  • Implementation Packages

    Whether you’re a Moodle expert or new to e-learning, we’re here to make sure your site is exactly configured to meet your needs.

  • Accessibility & Assisting Technology

    We are committed to ensuring learning experiences with the highest standards for all people with different skills and physical limitations.

  • Support

    Global support and successful experience with educational institutions and companies.

"Student support is what really creates the effective learning environment, especially in the vocational context, which is what we really are.”

Julie MacArthur, e-Learning Manager, City of Westminster College, London UK


Experience Blackboard Open LMS™ First Hand

This 30 day free trial provides a great opportunity for teachers and students to gain practical experience with Blackboard Open LMS™. Our trial is preconfigured with courses filled with engaging content and activities. The simple, intuitive courses will get you up to speed with key functionalities of the Blackboard Open LMS™ platform so you can truly see how courses will be delivered.

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